Why is it safe to invest in "YELLOW METAL" ? Now the rate is above 5000 INR !!!

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Why is it safe to invest in "YELLOW METAL" ?  Now the rate is above 5000 INR !!!

Indian investors always had an emotional and traditional bonding towards gold.Gold has offered its investors a confounding growth rate of 60 % over the period of past one and a half years. The global economy is currently facing the biggest challenge ever with volatile stock markets due to the Covid -19 pandemic. But ‘yellow metal’ is the only asset class enjoyed a substantial growth in the on-going chaos.

Geopolitical factors and Covid -19 pandemic fuelled economic uncertainty have primarily pushed up gold prices in world market. Moreover depreciation of rupee against dollar increased the yellow metal prices in the domestic market. The yellow metal's track record in safeguarding wealth during financial uncertainties and inflation has been striking.

Buying physical gold is the most preferred and convenient way to invest in gold. Physical gold can be in the form of ornaments, gold coins and bullions. It does not require any broker or assistance to buy gold this way. Moreover gold could also provide liquidity during any financial urgency.  This would be right time for investing and Bhima has many options to secure your investment by Joining Gold tree Future plans.


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