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Bhima has a legacy over the past 90 years and the purity and trust is embedded in every single product. Even during the pandemic situation of Covid 19 we are doing our best efforts to serve our customers. Considering the current situation we have expanded our online jewellery platform too. Our customers can even make use of online video call facility for a virtual experience of buying jewellery online. It’s the age of online jewellery shopping. Bhima has one of the best online jewellery services in India and we offer free shipping across India. 

For catering to the needs of the daily wear segment we have launched our ‘YUVA’ Collections. Initially it was proposed for the youngster category. But from the day of its launch, there was a higher demand for YUVA collections irrespective of the age groups.Each design is unique and the collections are really adorable.  

From ancient times gold has been considered to be the most precious and sacred metal in India, both in terms of Jewellery and in other forms. In spite of its aesthetic value the metal have a deep rooted bonding with the traditions and culture of our nation. There has been a belief among the people that holding gold brings wealth and prosperity to the family. Moreover people used to gift gold ornaments on special occasions in the family viz; marriage, child birth etc.

Irrespective of their gender people love this metal. Gold is pure and it has become a status symbol among people centuries ago. Still no other metal has conquered its place. In early days people preferred heavy ornaments but today majority of the people like light weight ornaments. But it doesn’t mean that the heavy ornaments are out of the scene. The demand for light weight ornaments have drastically increased now days. Due to the pandemic situation, people are not coming for OTC shopping but they wanted to purchase the gold, the only option available is go online. Yes if we look at the future, considerable shift can happen to online jewellery industry and Bhima also trying to be with the shift by giving online jewellery option to customers across India.


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