The scheme tenure is 11 months.

You can join this saving scheme by paying monthly instalments of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10000.

A member can join one or more schemes.

A member cannot transfer instalment from one of his/her schems to any other member or any other scheme.

In case they lose their passbook, the member should immediately contact the respective showroom.

On the day of collection the ornaments, the member should bring their passbook, photo and copy of id card, in person.

InstallmentDepositBonusTotal Amount
500 5,500 500 6,000
1000 11,000 1,000 12,000
2000 22,000 2,000 24,000
5000 55,000 5000 60,000
10,000 1,10,000 10,000 1,20,000

Each instalment should be paid on or before instalment due date to avail prescribed benefits of the scheme.

On completion of the scheme, you can purchase gold/diamond jewellery for the total amount paid, plus the bonus, as prescribed. The amount will not be refunded as cash. Members cannot avail coin/Bullion/Stones & Silver through this scheme.

For every instalment, GST and other taxes if any prescribed by the goverment will apply.

Gold rate on the date of purchase, making charge and tax wil be applicable for purchasing gold ornaments as per the scheme.

The first instalment shoud be paid in cash directly at the showroom. Subsequent instalments can be paid to the respective Bhima showrooms as cash/through Federal Bank brnaches/NEFT/IMPS.

The scheme cannot be closed before the maturity date. Those who compulsary close the scheme before the maturity date or failed to pay installments on time will not be eligible for scheme bonus. Ornaments can only be purchased 30 days after completing the scheme tenure.

The scheme should be closed within one year of completing the scheme tenure. Otherwise the scheme will be considered as lapsed.

The final decision and authority on all issues related to the scheme vests with the Management of Bhima Jewellery.

You can purchase ornaments only from the showroom where you have joined the scheme.

In event of the rules of schemes being amended or in cash the scheme is stopped to comply with any law, the member can accept equivalent gold in lieu of the total amount, as per prevalent legal guidelines.

Scheme is subject to jurisdiction of respective branches.