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Best Nose Pins according To Face Shape

Nose Pins are a versatile piece of jewellery that every woman should own. Whether it’s a silver nose pin or a pearl and gold pin, nose pins can instantly change the look of your face. When you want to avoid looking too dressy or wearing too much jewellery, a simple nose pin can be your go-to piece of jewellery. It gives you a chic look without being too loud.

How to pick the best Nose pins to compliment your face type? That’s one question you might have when you’re considering wearing a nose pin or nose ring. Here are a few things you should think about when you’re picking one out for yourself.

Long Face Type- Beaded Hoops

If you have a long face type, try something cute and trendy beaded nose pins are heavy and will accentuate your broad forehead and narrow chin. Choose from crystal, pearl or silver-beaded nose pins which look super-hot and eye-catching.

Round Face- Half Hoops

Half-hopped nose pins are a great way to slim down your face and highlight your make-up elegantly and stylishly. The vertical looking pieces balance the look of a chubby face and will stand out as unique yet traditional addition to your look.

Heart-Shaped Face- Large Nose Pins

Heart-shaped faces can easily experiment with bold and heavy nose pins. The large accessories with long chains catches the attention from the wide nose and broad forehead.. Find out which one works for you.

Small Face/Nose- Small Studs

The best nose pins for a small, delicate face are simple and dainty. Anything too big or flashy will look out of proportion, so stick to small, shining earrings like studs, and drops. They’re elegant and timeless and will work for any occasion.

Want something a little more special, you can go for colorful sparkling gems or small half hoops.

Square Face- Giant Stone Studs

Girls with larger noses and strong cheekbones can particularly benefit from these accessories, as they help take the attention away from the edges of the face. If you’re not a fan of traditional nose rings, then try going for a classic stone stud in an offbeat design or shape.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on Nose Pins! We know how much of a difference a great accessory can make to your overall look. We believe that you found this post to be informative and helpful when selecting the right type of nose pin for your face shape.

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