Tips you should keep in mind before buying diamond jewellery in 2022

Diamonds are forever. Ever since their first appearance, diamonds have been associated with words like elegance, uniqueness, and timelessness. These mined pieces of carbon, discovered deep within the earth’s crust, have become a sign of status, strength, and eternal love. So, you must take your time choosing and not buy them in a hurry. Because diamonds are so expensive, many jewellers are tempted to mislead their prospective customers by selling faulty pieces. If you’re looking for diamond buying advice, these tips will give you the upper hand on your next shopping.

1. Decide on a budget

The most important thing when buying diamond jewellery is remembering to set a budget and know the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Then choose diamond jewellery that suits your financial situation.

2. Decide on carat weight

Are you ready to buy a diamond? You might have to decide first which cut you want. The price can rise quite significantly as the carat weight rises. If you are looking for an engagement ring, it’s probably best for your future partner (or you!) to check around first and negotiate the carat weight some more until you have found something that feels like value for money.

Diamond buying tips -  Size of the diamonds

3. Choose jewellery and examine the certificate

When purchasing diamond jewellery, look for a reputable seller who is part of a certified institution such as the International Gemological Laboratories (IGL) or Solitaire Gem Labs (SGL) that helps to point out all the unique characteristics of the precious stone, including its exact measurements, weight, clarity, color, cut, symmetry, and quality. Also, make sure that both you and your potential brand partner have a history of trustworthiness.

4. Focus on the diamond cut

A diamond’s cut is the most significant factor in determining how much brilliance it will possess. There are 5 main diamond cuts: round brilliant, emerald, asscher, radiant, and cushion. We just recommend an excellent cut, which is a standard cut that will offer great perfection.

Different Diamond Cuts

5. Determine the color grading scale

Diamonds may be pure white or have a tinge of other colors too, like yellow or brown.It’s a myth that all colored diamonds are more expensive than pure white ones. Jewelers might try to trick you into paying more for a “colorful” diamond, so you must know a bit about them. Usually, diamonds are classified using a GIA color grading system that starts with D and ends with Z. The D category stands for “completely colorless” and the Z stands for “very discolored”. Before you buy diamond jewellery online, you should be aware of the grading scale.

Diamond color grading scale

Diamonds are a timeless and beautiful gift you can give your loved ones and an excellent investment too. We hope that you found some great information on diamonds that you can use to make the best decisions. If you are interested to buy jewellery online you can visit

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